All Souls Day

700 x 700 ASP_frontPendant for The All Souls Procession

The days are growing shorter and Fall is undeniably in the air. As the sugar rush of Halloween slowly wears off and the big celestial wheel turns from October to November, thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. But for many of us, first comes the season of Saints and Souls.

The first of November marks All Saints Day for the official heroes and heroines of the Catholic church. Right on its heels comes All Souls Day, a day a little closer to home when we remember and celebrate our own dearly departed. Here in the Old Pueblo we observe in a big way, with the All Souls Procession. This event is so amazing and relevant, so personal and meaningful, it has nearly doubled in size every year for the last two or three years.

There’s not enough room in all the blogs on this entire site to begin to describe it, so take a click on and be sure to stop by the photo gallery for an eye full. While you’re there, click the merchandise link to see an array of awesome items including something we’re very proud of here at A Nice World: the official All Souls pendant.

The pendant is bold and evocative, featuring a design created by Nadia Hagen. She’s the Artistic Director of the All Souls Procession, a dynamo, the creative force behind this amazing event and one of my personal icons for a number of reasons. In fact, if you’re following us on Instagram and like the #NiceFire posts – she’s also the reason I dance with fire.

More about fiery inspiration later. Today is All Souls Day, so set aside some time this month to learn more and remember, observe and celebrate your loved ones on the other side of the veil.