Boomerang-o-rama: You get what you give.

Blog_whats_with_boomerangs_FULL_cropped700.JPGWhat’s with all the boomerangs?

We have a thing for boomerangs at A Nice World. In fact, a little hand-drawn boomerang was at the very beginning of this whole Nice adventure.  It all started back in the 1900s…

I’ll never get tired of saying that.

I had written a guidebook on Cause Marketing and commissioned a highly talented friend to sketch the illustrations, among them a little karmic boomerang, because Cause Marketing about giving back with good intentions and the benefits that result. I fell in love with it and used the boomerang when I later launched A Nice World. I picture these boomerangs unifying us in one long silvery chain, each of us making a difference and multiplying our good outcomes, boomerang by boomerang and link by link.

Ultimately, the boomerangs symbolize the Law of Attraction (you get what you give) and karma’s inevitable return. Every time you put on your Nice jewelry, I hope you pause for a moment to picture the world getting nicer and nicer and the beneficiaries of Nice donations making great strides and bringing change to the world. Celebrate the difference you make and feel really, really good for that moment (and as many moments as you possibly can).  Then… confidently anticipate joy and abundance flowing back to you and filling your your life with surprises, well-being and great joy.

Boomerangs. You get what you give and your Niceness is coming right back at ya,