Women’s March Across the U.S.

mwm_canva_cover_700The Women’s march is an inspiration, with individuals, friends and families from sea to shining sea marching in solidarity for our human rights. A Nice World is proud to raise funds for the cause. If you can’t raise your fist in person at a Women’s March (and even if you do), you can raise it wherever you are, with a bracelet showing your support.

Available in sterling silver and white bronze, hand-stitched on a soft-wrap black fabric adjustable bracelet. Look closely at the simple edge-to-edge lines across the design to wee the letters WMW or MWM. Women March on Washington and Million Women’s March. Luck is on our side, ladies and the universe is our very own mysterious and wonderful playground.

The bold strokes through the design represent lines of women, marching together in cities and towns across America. Millions of us, end to end, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, across the horizons, coast to coast.

We’re so proud to see the photos rolling in of this Nice bracelet on the wrists of women marching in Washington D.C. and beyond. Thank you for rocking this design and for connecting A Nice World to this amazing, powerful event.

Here’s to every marcher. You are powerful, amazing, committed and inspiring women and allies. I hope these bracelets connect us to each other and help us remember to carry the march forward throughout the year and the rest of our lives. Each purchase multiplies the force of our combined spirit and solidarity with a 33% donation to the official Women’s March organization.

To join the Women’s March on FB click to Womens-March-on-Washington. And be sure to like and follow local and regional marches in your area. Tucson / New York / San Francisco / Miami and more. Criss, cross, criss, cross across this great land, celebrating our power together.