Siblings Day

Siblings Day, you say?

Seen here: my siblings and I with our orange kittens in the front yard of our childhood farmhouse.
I remember making this necklace and bracelet, at first dreaming they could be magic. Then thinking of ways I could quickly use them in a jam to heroically rescue an animal in the woods or somehow save the day. I guess becoming a jeweler and creating A Nice World makes perfect sense when I think about it. Hmmm…

I love this picture. Life couldn’t have been any nicer. A big sister, a little sister, what more could I want? A little farmhouse with a woods and a creek out back, just outside a town of maybe 600 people. Summers were filled with sheep and baby lambs, chickens that gave colored eggs (fact), lightning bugs, four leaf clovers, violets and droves of ladybugs.

Someday I’ll make a Nice Ladybug charm for the SWARMS of them on this big tree in our front yard. And a golden apple charm for the tree out back, by the wellpump. I once had a psychic at Burning Man tell me that tree foretold my future, filled with abundance and golden gifts unending, mine for the taking.

We were Lisa, Connie (that’s me, and another story), and Amy. The Hofer sisters. The Joeann and Ennis Hofer’s daughters, mind you. We had to clarify because of the other Hofers in town also had daughters and also owned the store (of course, named Hofer’s) next to our Dad’s store, which luckly was, instead named, The Corner Store. Small town. Big luck. So NICE.

Our Mom always said, if you’re lucky, you have your parents for half your life. If you’re lucky, you’ll have your kids for half your life. But if you have siblings, you’re the luckiest of them all because you’ll have them for life. Thank you Mom and Dad for my sisters. They are my cherished treasures. Happy Sibling’s Day.