Mothers Day – You Are My Sunshine

Happy Mothers Day, Nice People

Back when I started A Nice World (back in the 1900s…) the idea of losing my Mom was unthinkable. I felt such a sickening sympathy for the “Motherless on Mother’s Day,” I created an alternative Mother’s Day card just for them. It was a treat to see ONE card acknowledging the situation with a little respect. levity and celebration. Over a decade later, and for the second year in a row, I’m in my own target market for this card.

BUT. Through it I learned, I will never, ever be Motherless. The first signs came oddly quickly on July 28, 2014, the day my Mom began (as she would say) “to sing with the choir invisible.”  I started living (and celebrating/appreciating/accomplishing) as if mom was by my side. This led to far fuller life living and it continues keep my coo coo bird in her clock.

This year my Mothers Day was filled with magic. Like most days in the last two months, I spent it at my latest venture – an Artists in Residence Enclave and House of Fundraising  (another big story) purchased February 28.

At the new place, on a beautiful Sunday Mothers Day, I dug and hunted through rubble piles along the fencerows for remains of concrete quail, roadrunners, turtles and even a perfect squirrel. I unearthed a few small pedestals and even a headless Mother Mary. I WILL find her head some day. I just know it and I cant wait to gaze into her eyes when I do. It was a perfect, perfect day and in a rush of realization it came to me that MOM made this happen, again.

Not only was there A HEART SHAPED drop of golden topaz stuck to the floor by the front door. The whole place is riddled with sunshines. Two floors. The front of the house. A dozen fences and gates. Gazing at one of them on Mothers Day I heard my Mom’s voice say “You are my sunshine!” as she did hundreds of times in my life. It was, once again, an incredible Mothers Day and I am eternally grateful.

Here’s to the future and here’s to the past. I’ll paste in a few excerpts from my 2016 Mothers Day blog for memories’ sake.

Looking back…. On Mothers Day of 2015 I hosted a Ladies Chocolate Service using Mom’s chocolate pot, cups and saucers, which I had just inherited. Twelve friends and I toasted on Mother’s Day morning with mimosas and cocoa.

Last year, Ethereal Mothers Day II, I hosted a Ladies Hot Springs Retreat at one of my favorite places on earth, Essence of Tranquility (EOT). This little gem is hard to describe but I discovered it as the ideal place with the silence, solace and rejuvenation I was seeking for my first Christmas post-Madre.

Going back for Mothers Day 2016 was an easy choice. Although I treasure these hot springs for the quiet introspection, I decided to  invite a few special friends to join me. As I type this I realize that four of the six who came weren’t really all that on my radar a year ago. That’s interesting. Apparently 2015 was a good year for developing friendships.

The synchronous trip came to a close with my traditional stop for a rock hunt on the way back to Tucson. There’s a road on my way home that’s just covered in lava rock, purple rocks and beautiful milky “crystal” rocks, all very easy to spot, washed smooth and sparkly by rains. I thanked Mom for joining me, chanted for a few moments, walked a ways from the car and put down my buckets. There, not 12 inches from the bucket was a big purple heart-shaped rock and beside it, a half-buried key. Yes, Mom led me right to “the key to her heart” which she always, always said I had.

Here’s to magic, memories, love, joy and meaningful connections. Happy Mothers Day to you and yours, on all sides of the celestial planes.