All Holidays Matter

Why not celebrate them all?

The hand-drawn depictions of nine winter season holidays send a welcoming, inclusive message.  This pan-holiday greeting makes a nice keepsake, with a brief description of each holiday image for an enlightening twist.

Happy Miscellaneous Winter Season Holiday – in short – HaM-WiSH! Ha(ppy) M(iscellaneous) Wi(nter) Season Holiday. I’ve always pronounced it Hahhhm-Wish – sort of a huzzah-ish greeting at a Bavarian festival.

Wish your friends and loved ones the best of the holiday season, with a card celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Dia de los Muertos, Native American traditions, Ramadan, and New Year’s Eve.

It’s a great-big world with a myriad of cultures, traditions, faiths and beliefs. Nice people respect and even celebrate them all. There’s no fear keeping us from acknowledging and connecting with another human being in a moment of joy for their beliefs and their good health and happiness.

For us it may be obvious, but for others, that’s not so clear. That’s why this Nice product generates a 33% donation for tolerance outreach to making the world a nicer place

Turns out, HaM-WiSH cards aren’t just artful, awesome greetings. They’re extremely convenient. Do you love to mail early, before the holidays loom? HaM-WiSH cards can be mailed as early as late October and  you’ll beat the crowd with a nice, heartfelt card they’ll enjoy for weeks.  I love the explanations of the holidays and the fact that the inside is blank and ready for your own custom sentiment.

Whether or not you choose HaM-WiSH greetings, it’s fun to read about the winter season holiday sampler:
Diya lamp lit for Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.
Ramadan is observed with prayer, fasting & charity.
Dia de los Muertos honors & celebrates the deceased.
Winter Solstice marks the shortest day & longest night.
Prayer Stick for Native American ancestors on Solstice.
Menorah for Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.
Candy Canes evoke Jesus Christ’s shepherd crook.
Umoja Cup stresses community unity during Kwanzaa.
New Year’s Eve brings festivities & a new beginning.


Art by Molly Kiely, Tucson, AZ.