Do you believe you can create castles?

Do you believe you can create buttons?

Do you believe you can create castles? Do you believe you can create buttons?  If so, you may be under the influence of Abraham Hicks. I say that in jest, because it’s not so much “under the influence of Abraham Hicks,” as it is under the influence of your inner being, your true self. It’s being in alignment with all that you are, all that you have always been and all that you have and can and will become.  Let the website speak for itself.

Bringing this tiny Castle Button to life was the most fun I’ve had in two decades of sculpting silver jewelry, and that is seriously saying something. I adore the miniature realm and there’s so much gratification in having “the hands in the clay” or the tools in the wax. Removing, revealing, nuancing, watching it unfold… The Castle Button was a total joy to create, listening hour after hour to recordings from Abraham Hicks seminars and workshops. Every time the story of Buttons and Castles was told, it was positively exhilarating. So fun!

I sculpted the towers, carved and “installed” the tiny drawbridge door, shaped the windows and filed out the four little button holes… It was so satisfying to finally put down the last tool and see the Castle Button in its “completion.” True to Abraham Hicks teachings, the actual manifestation of the tiny castle simply led to the next impulse to create even more.  I turned over the castle intending to just sign it and PRESTO! A secret “second castle” was carved in mere minutes, right down to a tiny custom “AHEJ” monogram on the door.

Aha! Yes! Again, came the second “final” moment of “completion” where I could see and touch the Castle Button and hold it in my hand. So SATISFYING! And yet… You know what comes next…  It put me right back on the path of desire to create more.  Voila! Out came a Nice monogram design of the A-H-E-J from that tiny castle door. The front side of the AHEJ pendant is complete and I’m enjoying thinking about the reverse. I would love to engrave inspiring quotes on the reverse. Some of my favorites are  HAPPY ANTICIPATION… THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS… EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME.  REACH FOR THE BETTER FEELING THOUGHT… SEEING GOOD THINGS…

As with the monogram amulets, our Nice Castle Buttons are a joy-in-progress. The first batch have been gifted, fresh from their casting, to a group of brilliant, amazing people making an immeasurable difference bringing the Abraham message to so many. (What a blast!)

The second round of castings will be available in January of 2019, and we’ll see what unfolds.  Beneficiaries of the Nice 33% are to-be-determined and may change or rotate. (THAT’s going to be fun!) Purchases will cover the cost of materials, casting, shipping and handling plus the Nice 33% of course. Until a bigger, brighter idea comes along I’m inspired to channel the rest of the funds 100% toward purchases at From sets of the Sara books to donate, or the currently gestating children’s book called “The Universe is Listening” (check the Phoenix 2018 workshop transcript!), as well as downloads, books, seminars and  more. YES!  So much more fun is yet to unfold.

I could type a river (or shall we say a longer river) filled with positive expectations and rockets of desire for these shiny little beauties. But instead, I’ll keep suggesting you turn straight to the source. (Pun intended.)  Take a look online, FB, instagram… You’ll find a few quotes and stories and ideas that resonate. Learn that you can create, with joy, ANYTHING you desire. Castles… Buttons… the choice is yours. Visit Abraham Hicks online and learn for yourself. And as always, thanks for stopping by A Nice World. We appreciate everything you do to make the world a nicer place.