Partner: All Souls Procession

As our 2014 nonprofit partner of the year, the All Souls Procession makes 100% on their custom design.

As our 2014 Nonprofit Partner of the Year, the All Souls Procession receives 100% of the proceeds from all sales of their Nice design, forever. Of all our inspiring nonprofit partners at A Nice World, this one may be the most challenging to describe. I gave it a whirl in a Nice blog (link below), but I’ll point you directly to the official site to try to wrap your head and heart around this moving, meaningful spectacular cause. Be sure to visit their photo gallery for a glimpse of the magnitude and beauty of this inspiring, collective endeavor.

To learn more visit their beautiful website  and a related Nice blog.

I’m proud to say our Nice jewelry is the lead item at their online shop. You can purchase it and more at Artfire online.