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All Holidays Matter

Why not celebrate them all? The hand-drawn depictions of nine winter season holidays send a welcoming, inclusive message.  This pan-holiday greeting makes a nice keepsake, with a brief description of each holiday image for an enlightening twist. Happy Miscellaneous Winter Season Holiday – in short – HaM-WiSH! Ha(ppy) M(iscellaneous) Wi(nter) Season Holiday. I’ve always pronounced it Hahhhm-Wish – sort of a huzzah-ish greeting at a Bavarian festival. Wish your friends and loved ones the best of the holiday season, with a card celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, Winter Solstice, .

All Souls Procession Fundraiser

The wheel has turned another rotation and it’s time again for The Day of the Dead. Dia de los Muertos. A time to remember, grieve and celebrate. That last one can be a bit of a challenge when we’re in the depths of mourning and wishing we could have one more day, one more conversation, one more look into our loved one’s eyes. In Tucson, we have it a whole lot easier than most, .

YWCA – Our Newest Nice Partner

YWCA – Empowering Women for 100 Years Over the years, A Nice World has partnered with many incredible organizations and this month were thrilled to add a new favorite. We’re proud to introduce the latest custom fundraiser piece, an evocative design inspired by the female form created to celebrate and thank the YWCA. In existence for 100 years, the YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity .

Planned Parenthood by the Numbers

What percentage of Planned Parenthood services are abortions? Three percent. THREE percent. One little number… one HUGE argument. Zealots on one side, grasping for 300 ways to vilify. Planned Parenthood health care providers and supporters of choice, on the other. Saving lives (and millions of taxpayer’s dollars), WHILE fending off attacks over a number. It’s a distraction. A tactic to create a useless, cyclical argument, eroding credibility and creating a shadow of doubt. It .

Nice Jewelry of Burning Man

#Friendspiration and Burning Man The photo above features my Nice peace sign with Kenn Kushner, THE maker of this AMAZING work. I’m among the dusty lucky, I come from a cohesive home camp at Burning Man called Bad Idea. We’re a camp nestled within Silicon Village (yes, its a take off on Silicon Valley Lots of Bay Burners makes for smart, creative, big brain big heart village). As for my Burning Man extracurriculars… I was  a Fire .