Partner: BICAS

As our 2015 Nonprofit Partner of the Year, BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage) receives 100% of the proceeds from all sales of their Nice designs, ad infinitum. Check out their online shop to find custom Nice designs transformed into cool, stylish jewelry and key chains (plus an array of incredible bicycle-related goods) at their Etsy shop.

I’m a huge fan of BICAS. This organization is filled with smart, engaged passionate, creative problem solvers and they’re making the world a nicer place in a myriad of ways. They make bicycles affordable and they provide empowering trainings, safety education and instruction on how to up-cycle parts into functional, delightful and even stunning art.

To learn more visit their website  and a related Nice blog.

Purchase BICAS items made by A Nice World at their etsy shop