NARAL Pro-Choice America

Trying to decide how to give your 33%? When what you want is to make America PRO CHOICE, it’s a pretty easy decision to put your time and money behind NARAL.

This powerful, efficient, influential organization is filled with the best and brightest badasses a cause could ever want. One of the very first A Nice World custom designs was a commissioned piece for a national NARAL silent auction. I sculpted a large scale pendant with the gorgeous NARAL Lady Liberty design on the front. I can’t seem to put my finger on a photo, but I still have the stamp I used to press the design into precious metal clay, years before I discovered the art of lost wax casting.

I was proud to create that beautiful custom design so many years ago and I’m thrilled to donate to NARAL with the Reproductive Rights bracelet. Thank you for everything you do, NARAL. To learn more about NARAL and exactly what they are doing for you, for me and for America, click here.