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Braille Jewelry: Spread the light.

Are you looking for ways to spread the light? Nice Braille jewelry designs do just that, with legible Braille that says “Light” on earrings, pendants and charms in sterling and golden bronze. We’re proud of this concept and design, and proud to partner with great organizations to make the world a little lighter, brighter and nicer. Organizations like Prevent Blindness do important work of preventative measures. the American Federation for the Blind provide facts, figures and .

Holidays: Why limit yourself?

Why not celebrate them all? That’s the heart of one of our favorite Nice concepts, the all-winter-season-holiday card. This hand-drawn, pan-holiday greeting makes a nice keepsake, with a description of each holiday image for an enlightening twist. Happy Miscellaneous Winter Season Holiday – in short – HaM-WiSH! Ha(ppy) M(iscellaneous) Wi(nter) Season Holiday. I’ve always pronounced it Hahm-Wish – sort of a huzzah-ish feeling of a greeting. Wish your friends and loved ones the best of the holiday season with a card celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Dia de los .

Boomerang-o-rama: You get what you give.

What’s with all the boomerangs? We have a thing for boomerangs at A Nice World. In fact, a little hand-drawn boomerang was at the very beginning of this whole Nice adventure.  It all started back in the 1900s… I’ll never get tired of saying that. I had written a guidebook on Cause Marketing and commissioned a highly talented friend to sketch the illustrations, among them a little karmic boomerang, because Cause Marketing about giving back with .

Meatless Monday: So many reasons it is Nice.

Why Meatless Monday? Answer: How much time do you have? Here are a few facts and figures to motivate you to take the Meatless Monday Pledge. Up to 2,500 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef. Factory farming is inhumane. Stop supporting suffering. Show your global solidarity and be part of the solution. Add years to your life and life to your years. Save the earth – Up to 2500 gallons of .