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BICAS: Nonprofit Partner Feature

How do I love BICAS? Let me count the ways, starting by sharing this wonderful story posted today by Colin – a talented artist, bike expert extraordinaire, a pillar of this fantastic organization and an official NICE PERSON. “Kyouhei Nakano rode from Fairbanks Alaska to Tucson 2 years ago. Upon his arrival in Tucson his touring bike and all his earthly belongings were stolen. Ignacio Rivera de Rosales found his bags in an alley. .

Catch a Falling Star

  Hanging star made of light, falling on my kitchen wall. Stars and of course boomerangs have always been favorite images at A Nice World. The boomerangs remind us of karma coming back around, be it good or bad. Stars, well who doesn’t love stars? They’re beautiful celestial bodies sending rays of light through space to illuminate our nights and ignite our imaginations. They symbolize the quest for and achievement of our hopes and .

10-4 Nice Buddies

mom pie10/4 should be “Talk Like a Trucker” day.

What better day to embrace the “10-4” or “All Good” attitude than 10/4 itself? Personally I think we should all spend the day slinging trucker  slang, rename ourselves with CB “handles” and support each other like Snowman supported the Bandit.

If you’re old enough to remember the 70s, if you’ve seen Smoky and the Bandit, or you’re from a part of the US that feels more “down home” than “uptown,” you know what I’m talking about. Of course not everything was perfect back then and we’ve made important changes and progress. But I distinctly remember a simplicity, an easy kindness in the air when I was a kid. I’m sure my opinion is wildly skewed by a ridiculously happy Americana childhood in a world without logos, in a tiny little town of about 600 people where we were all nice to each other.

In fact, when I was in 5th or 6th grade my class was part of a research experiment conducted by Miami University of Ohio. The college students delivered special curriculum, they talked to us about our differences, our sameness, what we were afraid of and hopeful for, and connected us to each other in a meaningful, personal way.  I think it changed us all. We learned the toughest kid who was quickest to start a fight had a lot of that at home. The goofy go lucky boy making all the jokes had been locked in a closet during a horrific break-in. The overweight kid had big hopes and dreams that outweighed her physical difference from the rest of us. Something clicked, and it stuck.

I hope we can create a little of that here at a Nice World. Work together to boost the good and try to alleviate some of the bad. I hope we experience that rushing, victorious feeling of being in it together, watching out for each other and fighting the good fight while having fun along the way, just like Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds. With this feeling in mind, today I sculpted a tiny little pie to launch an Americana jewelry series. We’ll figure out a great beneficiary and help them make childhood a happier place. 10-4!


Autumnal Equinox: Light and Dark

The last rays of the Autumnal Equinox shine through a tiny heart on the horizon. A Balance of Light and Dark Hard to believe it’s our happy one week anniversary at A Nice World. Woosh that was a fast one, (thankfully) filled with positive feedback and interest. Keep the ideas coming and together, we’ll make A Nice World just right. Thank you. It seems an auspicious day for a blog post on the Autumnal .

Tap tap tap…

Tap tap tap… is this thing on? Well, here we are. It’s hard to believe that A Nice World is actually re-launched and live, and just in time. Happy birthday to me tomorrow, September 15! Here’s to a new beginning in creating, connecting and making a difference together. If you’re seeing this in September of 2015, thanks for being such an early visitor, likely cajoled into cruising the site as friend on a bug-hunting, .