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My Martinesta

Jewelry can be an amulet, a talisman, a personal symbol. It can also be deeply rooted in lifestyle, lore and culture. The bracelet featured here is a Martinista. This jewelry fun fact came to me in a long, random chain of events for which I am eternally grateful. As it turns out, the events leading to my Martinesta make a pretty good  tip list for a Nice life. Set dreams and make them reality. Go .

Nice Father, Nice Fathers Day

Chip off the old block… Celebrating my Dad this Fathers Day, seen here with his 1959 Mercury Montclair. On the photo is his first piece of jewelry, a childhood signet ring that fits my size 4 ring finger like a charm. There’s nothing like jewelry with a story and a sentimental history. In honor of my own dear old Dad on  this hallowed and sentimental Father’s Day, I’ll indulge in a story from my Americana Childhood. I .

Mothers Day – You Are My Sunshine

Happy Mothers Day, Nice People Back when I started A Nice World (back in the 1900s…) the idea of losing my Mom was unthinkable. I felt such a sickening sympathy for the “Motherless on Mother’s Day,” I created an alternative Mother’s Day card just for them. It was a treat to see ONE card acknowledging the situation with a little respect. levity and celebration. Over a decade later, and for the second year in a row, I’m in my own target market for .

Siblings Day

  Siblings Day, you say? Seen here: my siblings and I with our orange kittens in the front yard of our childhood farmhouse. I remember making this necklace and bracelet, at first dreaming they could be magic. Then thinking of ways I could quickly use them in a jam to heroically rescue an animal in the woods or somehow save the day. I guess becoming a jeweler and creating A Nice World makes perfect sense .

Nice in Black Leather

Black Leather Nice I love wearing black. It just feels right, like no  other color does. Once I was gifted a (black, of course) shirt that said “Until they invent a darker color, I’ll be wearing black.” At clothing exchanges – when sweet friends of friends say “You’d look so great in this!” I always retort “If it’s not black, it’s not on my back.” or “Thanks, but that’s too not black for me.” I’m a .