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Siblings Day

  Siblings Day, you say? Seen here: my siblings and I with our orange kittens in the front yard of our childhood farmhouse. I remember making this necklace and bracelet, at first dreaming they could be magic. Then thinking of ways I could quickly use them in a jam to heroically rescue an animal in the woods or somehow save the day. I guess becoming a jeweler and creating A Nice World makes perfect sense .

Nice in Black Leather

Black Leather Nice I love wearing black. It just feels right, like no  other color does. Once I was gifted a (black, of course) shirt that said “Until they invent a darker color, I’ll be wearing black.” At clothing exchanges – when sweet friends of friends say “You’d look so great in this!” I always retort “If it’s not black, it’s not on my back.” or “Thanks, but that’s too not black for me.” I’m a .

Mardi Gras – Third Time’s the Charm

Resolutions – Take Three Go beyond the Mardi Gras beads, bands and booze to a deeply rooted history of Carnival and the Catholic calendar. Of course, it’s called “Fat Tuesday” as the eve of Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent. Mardi Gras is a time to eat drink and be merry because tomorrow begins the fasting and sacrifice, in homage to the story of Jesus Christ wandering 40 days without comforts and indulgences. To me, Mardi Gras is .

Jewelry of Burning Man

A Curated Collection of Burning Man Jewelry It’s a jeweler’s life moment. I’m beyond thrilled to be part of a show of Playa Made Jewelry (jewelry of Burning Man) and it’s thanks to the amazing Christine Kristen. Here’s a link to a piece she authored for the Burning Man Journal called Playa Made: Jewelry of Burning Man. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more lucky to ATTEND Burning Man, I end up meeting this .

Valentines Day. Sometimes Love Needs a Soft Landing

Make Valentines and Every Day a Little Nicer This heart shaped month, we wish you a happy Valentines Day and proudly introduce a limited collection. These sweet little pillows are made for A Nice World by a dear friendspiration, Ms. Tana Kelch. What makes them Nice? They feature our custom colors and come with a shiny new Good Karma Boomerang in golden bronze from A Nice World. What else makes them so nice? In keeping with our Jewelry for .