Partner: Prevent Blindness

I’ve been making Braille jewelry to help Prevent Blindness “since the 1900s” (I love saying that) and it’s been the top selling line at A Nice World since day one.  Directed donations of our Braille jewelry help this great organization continue their 100+ year track record of breakthroughs.

In 1908, after learning that 30 percent of blindness in children was easily preventable, volunteers joined together to organize the forerunner of today’s Prevent Blindness. In 1917 they successfully led legislation that virtually eliminated a leading cause of blindness in infants, called ophthalmia neonatorum. By1926 they created the first volunteer-run preschool vision screening program in the United States. Prevent Blindness conducted the nation’s first glaucoma detection program in 1942. The first volunteer glaucoma screening program in the United States was formed in 1944. In yet another great example, in 1972 Prevent Blindness spearheaded legislation to require impact-resistant lenses in all eyewear. The list goes on.

Now, their annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit has become a key venue to elevate the national dialogue around vision and significant public health issues such as surveillance, access, prevention messaging, service integration, and program development and replication.

Prevent Blindness consistently receives an A rating from Guidestar

To learn more visit their website.