Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

If you think we have it bad in America, you won’t believe how much worse it can get. Women around the world face unbelievable restriction of choice. Some of the most financially downtrodden populations have the least access to abortion – or none at all. It’s stunning, really.

WGNRR is leading the way on a global scale. In addition to providing information, connecting organizations around the globe, fighting for access to contraception and a whole lot more… WGNRR also advocates for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion around the globe.

WGNRR believes that access to safe and legal abortion accompanied by accurate information and affordable, quality and friendly services, enable women and young people to have full control over their bodies and their fertility. WGNRR believes that any effort to curb maternal mortality and morbidity will be fruitless without addressing the issue of abortion. Together with members and allies, WGNRR defends existing legislation and its implementation, opposes restrictive laws and policies, challenges social stigma and discrimination, and advocates for the decriminalization of abortion worldwide. WGNRR also develops the capacity of grassroots organizations for safe abortion advocacy.

If you’re all about the global fight and prefer to contribute to a cause that is truly international, The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights is a great choice for your donation. To learn more, click here.