• Rings on Rocks Layout

    Nice Rings & Rocks

    I adore all jewelry for a jillion reasons. But rings are the royalty of the jewelry box. For me, they take the silver cake. Is it the perfect circles or their special place in history? Might it be the fact that they are right there on your hand, for you to enjoy as much (or …

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  • Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

    Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

    My Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat is a memory I will always treasure. When your desires align with your beliefs, everything you want is drawn like metal to a magnet. Even if what you desire is for Abraham’s eyes meet yours and Esther’s finger to point… right… at… YOU.  It’s fun to talk about it and I’ve …

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  • Boomerangs

    Nice Boomerangs: Everything we give, always comes back.

      What’s with all the boomerangs? We have a thing for boomerangs at A Nice World. Tiny, shiny golden bronze and sterling silver boomerangs  are sold by the pair (get-and-give) and by the Nice Dozen (14). This makes it easy to use Nice boomerangs as quick surprise gifts for Nice people or to sell to …

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  • Belize Should Rhyme with EASE

    An Experiment in Balance: First International Adventure with My Sweetheart Belize was filled with firsts, because I typically travel solo. I’m a selfish, happy solo traveler and my patterns and plans are tried, tested and true.  Blending “my perfect” with “his perfect” was the ultimate test of what is possible.  Belize was our first international …

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  • Castle Button Law of Attraction on Keys

    LOA Castle Buttons: We can create castles, buttons or both.

    Do you believe you can create buttons? Do you believe you can create castles? Do you believe you can create buttons?  If so, you may be under the influence of Abraham Hicks! (A little LOA-LOL for ya.) I say that in jest, because it’s not so much “under the influence of Abraham Hicks,” as it is …

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  • snap stop motion

    Thanks for being so NICE

    Say thanks with a NICE stop-motion message. At A Nice World, we never get tired of appreciating NICE people. After all, our VNP (Very Nice Person) boomerangs are made to recognize NICE people everywhere. Now, we’ve had a little fun creating our very first stop motion video. We welcome you to share to appreciate the …

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  • Morocco for Million Woman March

    Morocco: 30 Years in the Manifesting I was a lucky kid. I had an Uncle Lloyd Jr. and he had a periscope to a bigger world.  My family is tiny, but Uncle Lloyd Junior was the first to have a college education and he had subsequently traveled the world as a navigator in the Air …

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  • Winter Solstice: Turn to the light.

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. Winter Solstice. The darkest, shortest day of the year is upon us and following, the days lengthen, leading up to the Summer Solstice in June. With each day, more sunshine will fill the hours. Bring on the light! The word Solstice comes from the Latin, ‘solstitium’, which means sun …

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  • Holidays: Celebrate every chance you get.

    Why not celebrate them all? A really fun Nice concept, the all-winter-season-holiday card. This hand-drawn, pan-holiday greeting has shelf life – and looks great ON the shelf. The reverse side features a little background or bit of interest on our winter season holidays. Happy Miscellaneous Winter Season Holiday – in short – HahhM-WiSH! Ha(ppy) M(iscellaneous) …

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