• Joy Key by A Nice World

    Joy is the KEY

    Joy is the Key If you know Abraham-Hicks, then you know that JOY is the KEY. And I bet you’ll spot the secret message hidden in the key that unlocks the door. If you’re new to or curious about the Law of Attraction aka LOA, take a click and see what the fun is all …

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  • Law of Attraction Jewelry

    Law of Attraction Jewelry Law of Attraction jewelry is a shiny reminder of what we already know to be true. If you know that Joy is the KEY, if you believe you can create castles and buttons, or if you ever  called a spiral a vortex or used the phrase “Believing is Seeing” then you know …

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  • Rings on Rocks Layout

    Nice Rings & Rocks

    I adore all types of jewelry for about a jillion reasons. But rings… rings are the royalty of the jewelry box and for me, take the silver cake. Is it the perfect circles? Their place in history? The fact that they’re right there on your hand, for you to enjoy as much (or more) than …

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  • Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

    Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

    My Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat one-year anniversary has arrived. Oh what can happen in one little spin around the sun. When your desires align with your beliefs, everything you want is drawn like metal to a magnet. Even if what you desire is for Abraham’s eyes meet yours and Esther’s finger to point… right… at… YOU. …

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  • Boomerangs

    Nice Boomerangs: Everything we give, always comes back.

      What’s with all the boomerangs? We have a thing for boomerangs at A Nice World. Tiny, shiny golden bronze and sterling silver boomerangs  are sold by the pair (get-and-give) and by the Nice Dozen (14). This makes it easy to use Nice boomerangs as quick surprise gifts for Nice people or to sell to …

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  • Castle Button Law of Attraction on Keys

    LOA Castle Buttons: We can create castles, buttons or both.

    Do you believe you can create buttons? Do you believe you can create castles? Do you believe you can create buttons?  If so, you may be under the influence of Abraham Hicks! (A little LOA-LOL for ya.) I say that in jest, because it’s not so much “under the influence of Abraham Hicks,” as it is …

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  • Celestial Synchronicity

    November 13th.  Mom’s celestial birthday. I woke up ready for a perfect day together – our new tradition. Of course I miss talking to her on her birthday and every day, but there’s something to be said for this 24-7 togetherness. I always expected it, which is of course at the core of the law …

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  • Cheers To Mom’s Return to Pure Positive Energy

    Ahhhh Mom you did it! What a perfect transition right back to the light from which you and all of us came, are, and again and always will be.  When I started A Nice World  the idea of losing my Mom was unthinkable. Now I know that “losing her” isn’t just unthinkable, its impossible. Now, …

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  • How many in a Nice Dozen?

    A dozen is 12, a Bakers dozen is 13 and you guessed it, a Nice dozen is one more. Not only do we have to one-up the Bakers, our re-launch kicked off in 2014, so 14 is a lucky number. Buy 10 and get 14 to toss out into the universe and see what comes …

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