• Butterfly Transformation Ring

    Butterfly Ring: Encouraging Positive Transformation

    Celebrate Transformation with a Monarch Butterfly Band Butterflies are incredibly inspiring, not only for their grace and beauty, but as symbols of transformation and metamorphosis. With a nod to our current Covid cocoon and all its silver linings, we re-launch the Nice Transformation ring. This design, originally sculpted in silver clay, is based on the …

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  • Circle of Stars on Chart

    Circle of Stars: Wishes at your Fingertips

    Circle of Stars Wishing Ring As I created this ring over a decade ago in silver clay, I thought of all my wishes, all the wishes of those who would wear it.  I was inspired to name it the Circle of Stars Wishing Ring.  The winter solstice is a stellar day to re-release it, to …

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  • BLM Pearls 300

    Black Lives Matter Jewelry: 100% Profit Donated to BLM

    BLM Power Pendant Your power pendant supports racial justice and positive change. Of course, 100% of profit from every purchase benefits Black Lives Matter / BLM. Click for a closer look at Black Lives Matter jewelry designs proudly worn by men and women. Shown here on strands of pearls for Inauguration Day, The Nice Black …

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  • Braille Jewelry

    Braille Jewelry: Help Prevent Blindness & Braille Institute

    Braille Jewelry Spreads LIGHT Braille Jewelry was an early favorite at A Nice World, along with Morse Code designs in the late 1990s. Because Braille was a fun way to express a love for secret messages and hidden meanings in jewelry, and it helped me uplift a great cause. These designs spread light, literally and …

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  • Instagram

    Nice Instagram: Connect, Collaborate & Celebrate

    Visit A Nice World on Instagram  for a glimpse of our latest designs. Learn about our long-term and new nonprofit partners. For a look at our jewelry designs focused on the Law of Attraction (LOA) visit our sister page LOA_Jewelry.  We even have a page to journal synchronicities at Nice_Synchronicity just for the fun of …

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  • snap stop motion

    Thanks for being so NICE

    Say thanks with a NICE stop-motion message. At A Nice World, we never get tired of appreciating NICE people. After all, our VNP (Very Nice Person) boomerangs are made to recognize NICE people everywhere. Now, we’ve had a little fun creating our very first stop motion video. We welcome you to share to appreciate the …

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  • Winter Solstice: Turn to the light.

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. Winter Solstice. The darkest, shortest day of the year is upon us and following, the days lengthen, leading up to the Summer Solstice in June. With each day, more sunshine will fill the hours. Bring on the light! The word Solstice comes from the Latin, ‘solstitium’, which means sun …

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  • Holidays: Celebrate every chance you get.

    Why not celebrate them all? A really fun Nice concept, the all-winter-season-holiday card. This hand-drawn, pan-holiday greeting has shelf life – and looks great ON the shelf. The reverse side features a little background or bit of interest on our winter season holidays. Happy Miscellaneous Winter Season Holiday – in short – HahhM-WiSH! Ha(ppy) M(iscellaneous) …

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  • Giving Tuesday: A Retail (r)Evolution.

    The world is getting better and better every day and there has never been a time of more progress and evolution. Case in point, the evolution of these holidays. Black Friday… Cyber Monday… Giving Tuesday. A  positive retail evolution for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This past Thanksgiving I was bowled over with gratitude and thankfully, …

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