Bee Nice: Rings & Pendants


Bee Nice jewelry makes the world even nicer for bees (and therefore, all of us). Sterling silver ring with a 14karat bee. Pendants in golden bronze, sterling silver or 14K gold. The bronze is shown on the delicate 16″ silver chain.


Bees 3 OrchidOnce upon a time, a long time ago, a tiny shiny queen bee was sculpted in fine silver clay. For more than 15 years, she slept in her wee little hive in a corner of a jewelry box drawer.  In 2020 the drawer opened, she came out into the light and flew all the way to Albuquerque. There, she became immortalized through the casting process.

Now, the offspring of the original Nice Queen Bee take flight in bee jewelry cast golden bronze, silver and 14K gold pendants. She’s also been added to a sterling silver ring with a 14K bee ready to perch on your finger. Size 6.5 on hand and size 5 coming soon.

Release the Nice bee jewelry swarm! As always, Nice jewelry donates 33% or more to make the world even nicer. What’s your favorite bee-saving organization? For a limited time,  proceeds benefit your pollinators of choice.

Bee-based organizations are eligible to purchase a Nice Dozen (14) or more at cost, for use as donor gifts, member incentives, or to sell at any price desired to raise funds and support your mission.


Necklace – 14 karat Gold, Necklace – Golden Bronze, Necklace – Sterling Silver, Ring – 14 karat gold bee on sterling silver ring (size 5), Ring – 14 karat gold bee on sterling silver ring (size 6.5)

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