Braille Jewelry: Spread the Light


Spread the LIGHT with Nice Braille jewelry. Every purchase generates a donation to make the world a little brighter.

Braille Jewelry Braille jewelry designs from A Nice World are hand sculpted in legible Braille. These say (and spread) LIGHT.

Current designs in sterling silver include a ring (size 6.5), rectangular and round pendants as well as rectangular and round earrings. Pendants are shipped ready-to-wear on a 16 inch silver plated chain. Inquire about designs with 14 karat gold Braille dots on sterling silver jewelry.

Our history with Braille Jewelry spans two decades and led to perhaps the greatest synchronicity of my life, retold in a blog post on World Braille Day.

If you are a person with low vision and you’d like to take advantage of a sliding scale discount, email

Organizations serving individuals with low vision qualify to receive jewelry at cost. We welcome you to mark up and sell for fundraisers or to give as donor and volunteer appreciation gifts.

For custom Braille designs, Braille monogram jewelry or to learn about fundraiser packs, emailĀ


Rectangular Earrings ($99), Rectangular Pendant ($66), Round Earrings ($88), Round Pendant ($77), Ring ($99)

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