Butterfly Transformation Ring


The Butterfly of Transformation symbolizes our emergence from the cocoon we entered in 2020. This band is a reminder of the myriad of positive changes we are undergoing. Self-reflection, evolution, growth, change and eventually, taking flight and reaching new heights. Help transform the world, with 33% or more donated.

Butterfly Transformation Ring

Celebrate Transformation

The Butterfly of Transformation ring gives a nod to our current metamorphosis in the Covid cocoon. It does so while celebrating all the related silver linings.

We’re in our cocoon, transforming and growing stronger. We’re becoming more resilient and each day brings us closer to a new beginning. We’ll emerge from the pandemic cocoon more evolved, adapted, focused on our key priorities and ready to take flight into the future.

There’s never been a better time to set this ring into flight. Originally sculpted in silver clay, the design is based on actual Monarch butterfly wings. To learn more on Monarchs and the Nice backstory, visit our Butterfly Ring of Transformation blog post.

 Help Transform the World

At least 33% of every purchase is donated to make the world even nicer. This Monarch butterfly design guides our focus to  the positive aspects of the cocoon. Also, it celebrates our triumphant re-emergence back into the light. We’ll be fresh, transformed and ready to reach new heights.

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