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Do you believe you can create castles? Buttons? Why not both with a Nice Castle Button. Specify laced pendants, charm style pendants or a ring, cast in sterling silver and bronze tones. We welcome collaborations for custom key chains, leather cuffs and other creative takes on this Nice little design.  



Castle Button Law of Attraction on KeysThe evidence is all around us. We can  see, do, have or be anything we desire. Wear, carry or display this sweet little hand-sculpted castle-button to remind you that we can absolutely create castles, buttons or both.

Inspired by and in appreciation of Abraham, Esther and Jerry.  Go straight to the source (pun intended) to learn how you can create castles, buttons and everything in between. For a little Nice backstory, select the category of  “Law of Attraction” in our  blogs.

Like a boomerang, 100% of profits  fly right back to Abraham-Hicks. Sara books to donate to children’s libraries, downloads, books, cards (you may find a special card chosen just for you with your order, seminars and more. We cast dozens of Nice LOA designs for the sole purpose (soul purpose) of being given as a gift in the spirit of fun and connection a la the Law of Attraction and the second of the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

Abraham-Hicks fans, if you’re headed North! To Alaska this summer, I’ll see you on the whale-watching railing. There may be a shiny little castle or another timely Nice surprise in my pocket just for you.

Too. Much. Fun!


Sterling Silver, Golden Bronze, White Bronze

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Pendants, Rings, Earrings

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