Golden Karma Boomerang


A quick gift or simple fundraiser, and often a surprise gift with your new Nice jewelry!


Golden Boomerang Pair

The original Nice Karma Boomerang, cast in golden bronze. Celebrate the Law of Attraction every time you see your boomerang charm, purse zipper pull or key chain. They symbolize that you give what you get, and you get what you give, purchase one and we’ll send one to give away.

As a Nice Fundraiser they’re fun for 14 friends with a shared belief. Select “A Nice Dozen” and we’ll send you 14 for the price of 10. A Baker’s Dozen is 13… and a Nice Dozen is even one more.

Thank you for using Nice boomerangs to support your endeavor. Sold for $15 each will raise $140 per Nice Dozen. (That’s just an example. You can sell them for $15, $25, $50 or any price you choose.)

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Nice Dozen (Qty 14), Get to Give (Qty 2)


Golden Bronze

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