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Joy is the KEY!  Joy is the Key jewelry makes great pendants, key chains and earrings and are available in golden bronze, sterling silver and 14 karat gold.  Inspired by Abraham-Hicks – do you see the secret message that unlocks the door?



Joy Key Heart ChainJoy is the Key jewelry is your own shiny reminder that Joy is the KEY. Choose a Joy is the Key jewelry item as a key chain, earrings or pendant in golden bronze, sterling silver or 14 karat gold (ask for the day’s gold rate) to keep JOY in the forefront of your consciousness.

Why is Joy the Key? For the answer, go straight to the source (pun intended) at Learn how simply reaching for the better feeling thought can change what comes next. For a bit of a Nice backstory and Law of Attraction aka LOA Jewelry, see our blogs on the Law of Attraction.

Donations from purchases flow right back to  the source of inspiration: Abraham-Hicks. We order Sara books for  children’s libraries, along with educational items, seminars, LOA cards (you’ll find a special AH card chosen just for you with your order) and much more.

Dozens of Nice Law of Attraction jewelry  designs are cast for the sole purpose (soul purpose) of gifting. It’s all in the spirit of fun, LOA and the second of the Ten Principles of Burning Man. I have one on my own key chain, always ready to give, surprise and delight joyful people.

Joy is the Key and spreading it multiplies my JOY. I hope they do the same for you, tenfold.


Key ring, Earrings, Pendant


Sterling Silver, Golden Bronze

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