PIE in the SKY


Extended May Special: Celebrating Mothers with our Nice Pie in the Sky, as we wait for our June special item to be cast and shipped.

Wear your “Pie in the Sky” dream symbolized in a pendant, or let it dangle and shine on your key chain to remind you. The future is yours to define, and it couldn’t be sweeter.
Photo features my dear MOM, (who taught me how to bake a pie to make a preacher cry) and Helen, my dog-child. Click to Mom’s recipe here – leave us a nice story or a small donation to benefit a loving cause.

$66 Choose from the Following:
#1 – Sterling Silver (receive 1 and a good karma boomerang)
#2 – Golden Bronze (receive 1 to gift and one to keep)
#3 – White Bronze (receive 1 to gift and one to keep)
$4 – Red Bronze (receive 1 to gift and one to keep)

To add a silver plated key chain, silver necklace, or to otherwise customize your sweet, tiny pies in your big beautiful skies, just let me know at Jill@aNiceWorld.com.

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