Nice Boomerangs: We Get What We Give


Nice boomerangs say “Thanks for being so NICE.” Use them to recognize and celebrate the Nice people in your life. Purchase a Nice Dozen (14) to share with ease or to create a quick micro-fundraiser for a cause you appreciate.


Boomerangs-gold-silver-bronzeNice Boomerangs are a fun reminder that just like a boomerang, we get what we give and our thoughts, words and actions are coming right back.

Giving a little golden bronze boomerang with a simple, “thank you for being so nice” creates a very nice NOW moment for everyone involved.

Purchase a Nice Dozen (14), discounted to make sharing easy. With 14, I’ll add a few little cards (shown here) that “say it all” for you.

For a personal fundraiser, purchase 14 and double or triple + the price. Create a micro-fundraiser with 14 friends for a cause you all support.  Resell for any cause or organization at any price you’d like.

Sterling silver and 14 karat gold boomerangs are available for tiered fundraising programs and an even greater impact. Ask about timing and costs, based on the day’s rate for sterling silver and gold.

Fund the freebies:  Tag us with your Nice style showing how you styled it, on a key chain, as a zipper pull, earrings, pendant, or a charm on a bracelet. We also love to see photos of of the nice people receiving their thank you boomerangs. For any boomerang tag, we’ll add another boomerang to a Nice Class / Nice Teacher project box.

I like to give these to friends, to people I admire and appreciate, or out of the blue to strangers offering acts of kindness. My last few boomerangs were to my new mail carrier, a barista who really cared, a waiter for his wonderful “happy birthday” serenade sung with gusto,  three different helpful people in an international airport, a great Uber driver, a woman waiting in line with great advice for the area I was visiting, a wonderful zumba teacher…




Gold, Golden Bronze, Silver


Single – Qty 1, Get to Give – Qty 2, Nice Dozen – Qty 14

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