NICE Rings: So Nice They Give Twice


Rings so NICE, they give twice. Let us know your favorite cause or organization and 33% (or more) will be donated directly with thanks to you. $88 for Sterling Silver $222 for 14 karat gold plated. Both rings will shine for generations and lifetimes.

Nice! Say it loud and proud. These NICE rings are bold and beautiful. Available in sterling silver as well as a brilliant 14k gold plated version, either choice makes a statement and will be gorgeous for generations.

A minimum of 33% of every purchase of every nice ring will be donated to uplift a very NICE cause. Add a note in your purchase with an organization or cause you appreciate and we’ll direct 33% (or more) of your purchase straight to them.

Rings so nice, they give twice. Thanks for being part of the chain.

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