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Nice rings are hand sculpted to celebrate endlessness, earth angels, hopes, dreams and the law of attraction. Each comes with a varying number of golden bronze boomerangs and assorted Nice surprises.


Rings on Rocks

Rings on Rocks

Nice Rings Make My World Go ‘Round

I love rings. I love rocks. I LOVE hiding golden bronze Halo rings with nice notes. For the long (Nice) story, hit the blog post.

To keep it simple, our rings are $88. Most fit appx size 6.5 but the Mobius circle is closer to a 9. It’s wide so it fits snugly. Halo rings make lovely pendants and key chains.

Mobius Circle Ring
Symbolizes infinity and endlessness. Wear to remember you are limitless or purchase as a pair to celebrate a forever friend or an endless love. Each comes with two complimentary boomerangs.

Silver Picket Fence
Upgrade your white picket fence dream to a silver one that doesn’t fence you in. Each  comes with two complimentary golden bronze boomerangs.

Silver Halo
Celebrate earth angels with a halo for the hand. Each Silver Halo purchase comes with one golden bronze halo (wear them stacked or turn one into a pendant or key chain) and 2 golden bronze boomerangs.

Golden Bronze Halo
Celebrate earth angels with a halo for the hand. You’ll receive 3 golden bronze halo rings (let us know if you’d like any of them as a pendant or a key chains) as well as 6 golden bronze boomerangs for the fun of  hiding, gifting and sharing.

Silver Boomerang
This ring reminds us that what we give is coming right back and the power of the law of attraction is in (on) our hands. Each comes with 11 complimentary golden bronze boomerangs for the fun of gifting and giving.

Questions? Ideas? Custom requests?

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