Nice Sisterhood Collection

Show your Nice style and 33% or more benefits women and girls. Inquire for individual purchases and Nice Fundraiser packs.

Nice Sisterhood

Our Sisterhood Collection benefits women, girls – and therefore, the entire world.

Connecting together to bring positive change turns work into play and acquaintances into friends. Sisterhood designs are available by the Nice Dozen (14 for the price of 10) and fundraiser packs of 50, 100 or more, prices fluctuate based on silver and bronze daily market rates.

YWCA Body Positive art jewelry available in golden bronze, benefiting your local or national YWCA.

WORD stands for Women Organizing in Reproductive Defense benefiting an inspiring grass roots organization of women making waves in Chico, CA. They’re leveraging their first Nice Dozen to thank volunteers, sell at events and rallys and for raffle and silent auction fundraisers.

Women’s March on Washington / Million Women March jewelry (shown here as a bracelet on a soft black fabric bracelet) always benefits the Women’s March.

Reproductive Rights designs benefit Planned Parenthood PP3% in golden bronze and silver, and a wide selection of “No Bent Hangers” designs. These ultra-lightweight designed were created to raise funds fast. 100-pack DIY fundraisers bring women together and offer a great theme to showcase local creatives and artists on the topic of reproductive rights.

For custom Nice designs to benefit women and girls, email

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