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More Nice options for fundraising and flaunting your Nice style.


We always have a few select Nice styles set aside for for fun and fundraising.

Nice Falling Star: No need to look to the sky to catch a falling star, you hold that power within. Make a wish for change and make a difference when you choose our sterling silver star. Individual price $77. Nice Dozen 14 for the price of $10.

Nice as Pie: Available in sterling silver, red bronze and golden bronze. Fun for celebrating March 14th, raising funds in a calorie free “bake sale” or saying thanks to that sweet special someone.

Sander’s Silhouette:¬† Feel the Bern in sterling silver when a hat or T-shirt just won’t do. $22 for individual sales, email to order a Nice Dozen ($14) or a 100-pack of silver or bronze tones for custom DIY fundraisers. These will be priced at market¬† rate for silver/bronze plus shipping. Always, all profit from Sanders sales at A Nice World are donated to Our Revolution.

Secret Message Spirals: Twirl to reveal the word “Nice” on a Secret Message Spiral. Custom spirals are really fun and I’d love to create a custom spiral ring. MOCA example featured here.

To learn more about these and other fundraising items at A Nice World please email


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Sanders Silhouette (Qty 1), Sanders Silhouette (Qty 14)



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