Silver Spiral Earrings


Silver spirals with our boomerang stamp.

These silver spiral earrings hide a tiny Nice boomerang maker’s mark to remind us that the Law of Attraction is always in motion.

The spirals are the only  item at A Nice World that I didn’t sculpt by hand. They are a Thai Hilltribe design in Thai silver, (a little bit more dull than sterling) and measure 1-inch wide.  Of course 33% makes the world a little nicer.

Spirals here are featured on a dish of beloved Horn Coral fossils I’ve collected since childhood. There’s not many more fossils as fun to find as Horn Coral. As a kid I believed they were fossilized teeth from a never-before discovered dinosauric alligator. I found and saved many over the years, but most of my best are from my dear sister Lisa. Someday I’ll open an online store called Lisa’s Pieces where you can meet Lisa, check out her crazy collections and beg her to sell you something, which she won’t. 🙂  In the meantime, there’s always Nice jewelry.

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