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Halo Jewelry: Bracelet

TypeHalo Bracelet

Halo jewelry, with its simple yet elegant design, is a striking embodiment of both celestial aesthetics and human creativity. It manifests as a perfectly imperfect, shining circle, meticulously fashioned to look like a tiny halo hand-hammered deep in the forest by a woods gnome. 

> Ring is a hand sculpted, tiny, shiny halo.
> Fits 6.75-7.25 as the hand-sculpted nature makes it a bit more versatile.
> 14 karat gold vermeil quality plated to last for generations.
> For sterling silver, please email me a note from the contact page. 

Beyond their visual allure, what makes Halo jewelry truly special? It's not just the craftsmanship, artistry, or the fact that they are carefully cast from a meticulously handcrafted original sculpture.

It's the sentiment, the significance, the thoughtfulness, and the uplifting message of appreciation that these pieces convey. But there's more. These pieces of jewelry hold a secret: they give back twice. With every Halo ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings, a portion of the purchase is donated, igniting a ripple effect of gratitude that spreads far and wide, just as acts of kindness do, in our daily lives.

 Read a little more about them in the Halo Jewelry blog. 


Halo Jewelry: Bracelet



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