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Power Pendant Social Justice Fundraiser

Symbolizing Unity and Empowerment: Power Fist Jewelry

Re-releasing this design on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an incredible feeling. I can still remember the moment when this hand-sculpted Power Fist pendant came to life.

I had spent hours and hours sculpting, smoothing and perfecting it in wax, contemplating human rights, social justice, the news of the world, my own life and the progress we are making. Now it's part of the Pick Your Passion Collection, donating a minimum of 50% to social justice causes. 

The experience of creating this pendant was a challenge and a great privilege. I wanted to infuse this piece with an enduring connection between individuals who stand together for a common cause.

Philanthropic jewelry is made to go beyond being another fashion accessory. This design in particular is an homage to the iconic power fist that has been used as a beacon of solidarity and empowerment.

Its a symbol of determination and hope within the Black community, most notably embodied by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and Juneteenth celebrations, both of which signify the struggle for racial equality and emancipation.

This amulet is my gift of fundraising and support to social justice causes around the world. It was sculpted with love for Juneteenth and a great appreciation for Black Lives Matter (BLM), incorporating their iconic six side bars in 14 karat gold.

I became involved with Juneteenth in Tucson, AZ through a chain of synchronicities. Juneteenth led me to meaningful volunteer work,  friends for life, and a whole lot of fun, music, fashion and food. Juneteenth gave me a bigger, better, more full and informed life and I wish that exposure and inspiration for all kids and adults.

I chose the blog photo of the pendant on my Grandma Gayle's pearls because it was what I wore the day of the Biden/Harris inauguration. There was a women's movement to wear pearls to commemorate the day and adding this pendant was too perfect. I was proud to honor the first woman and the first woman of African American descent to reach this high in the ranks.

Grandma Gayle lived in a very different time and these pearls have seen some change.  I'm so glad for the progress and better understanding in the world and our country. I know we have a long way to go, but I like to focus on our forward motion. 

Style that Supports and Sustains

I'm so grateful to feel the momentum and to add my own bit of energy and power to the wave. I love this pendant. It's one of my favorites of all the collections I've ever created. I like the look, the weight, the feeling. I like how they make a fast impact and spark conversations between friends and strangers. 

I also like how they can help. If you're part of a social justice cause, contact me through the contact form on the footer of this website. I would love to help you raise funds and thank your volunteers and leaders. It's simply a matter of ordering special castings in silver or very affordable and beautiful bronze tones. Your organizations pays only for the materials and shipping and I send them your way with my gratitude.

Elevate your style. Empower change.

I'm aiming for connection and impact. For their radiance to transcend mere visual appeal. With each purchase, a meaningful contribution is made towards the pursuit of freedom and justice. Each pendant becomes a link in an unbreakable chain of support, fostering solidarity and progress.

It is my dream that the funds raised through this pendant will add to the strength that arises when individuals unite for a shared purpose. I want them to be a beacon of hope, a symbol of progress, and a testament to the enduring power of unity, equity, freedom and fairness.

Thanks for making these donations possible. Without nice people supporting and wearing nice jewelry, none of the impact can happen. Thank you. I appreciate you so much.  

XO - Jill




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