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Jewelry Care

How can I keep my Nice jewelry looking nice?

With a little knowledge and care, your Nice jewelry can last a lifetime and be passed along for future lifetimes. To keep your jewelry nice, wear it in, wear it out, but not to sleep, shower, swim, during a hot-tub/jacuzzi soak or to excessively sweat in. Also remove your pieces before applying perfume or lotion including sunscreen.

Sterling Silver is often stamped with 92.5% because it contains a small amount of copper for strength. Like in life, it’s good to opt for strength over perfection, even if it gives us a bit of a tarnish here and there, thanks to the copper.
This process is sped up by exposure to water, humidity, and oxygen. So, don’t store jewelry in the bathroom and keep in mind all jewelry will tarnish at a faster rate in humid climates. Seal your jewelry in the little plastic bags we send to help reduce their exposure to oxygen.

At A Nice World we love “golden bronze” because it is an extremely sturdy yellowy gold metal that is far more affordable than silver or gold. The high copper content in can cause it to darken at a faster rate than silver when exposed a to water, humidity and oxygen. Follow the same steps to care for bronze as for silver.

If you purchase a golden bronze ring and it gives your finger a green coloring, don’t worry. This is harmless coloring is because of your personal PH balance. One great trick is to lightly coat the inside of your ring or bracelet with a clear nail polish to form a barrier between your skin and the ring.

Take care when wearing and taking your jewelry on and off. Remember necklace clasps are tiny little mechanisms with springs and cuff style bracelets shouldn’t be re-adjusted except for gentle customizing re-shaping the first couple times you wear.

Fortunately, wearing is the best way to keep tarnish away, thanks to our natural oils. When a little darkening occurs, simply use a jewelry polishing cloth like a Sunshine Yellow Polishing Cloth to keep your jewelry shining bright. Never try harsh cleaners or household products to clean silver, gold or bronze.

My personal daily-wear rings all have scuffs from rock hunting, marks from using hand tools and they’re usually a little darkened and roughed up from my lack of worry. They’re not picture-perfect, but to me, well-loved beats pristine any day.


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