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Believing is Seeing Whale

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StyleSterling Silver
Product TypePendant

We've all heard the phrase "seeing is believing" but those who practice the Law of Attraction know that the exact opposite is true.  Believing is SEEING. 

> Solid sterling silver .925 to last for lifetimes.
> Pendants are shipped on complimentary18-inch chains made of silver-plated base metal. It is easy for you to transfer this pendant to your favorite chain. 
> Key Chains consist of a simple, classic base metal, nickel plated split ring and chain. 

Read on for a whale of a back-story on this secret message pendant. This design was created to be given as gifts on my first Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction workshops aboard a cruise through Alaska's Inner Passage. I love living by the 10 Principles of Burning Man and "Gifting" is an important one. 

I knew I was REALLY DESIRING to see a whale, and that for this to happen, I needed only to follow the guidance to flow with the Law of Attraction. That's why if you look closely you'll see a secret message in the gills in the hand drawing on this whale jewelry. They spell L. O. A. for Law of Attraction. 

I also knew that there would be a ship full of people ALSO hoping to see a  whale cresting and splashing. Part of me wanted to make sure everyone who REALLY wanted t see a whale would see a whale. And if they didn't - I had them covered with a shining gift and memory. Of course, if they DID see a whale (I think we all did!) and I just happened to appreciate and love meeting them, I knew I'd have something wonderful to give as  a gift of friendship. 

In case you're curious about the Law of Attraction, here's a little primer and a few links to get you headed down a pretty good LOA  rabbit hole. By aligning to the teachings of  Law of Attraction (LOA), we learn that we can have, do or be anything we dare to desire.

This Nice design was created in appreciation of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Go straight to the source at (pun intended) to learn how Believing is Seeing, why Joy is the Key and how  you can create castles, buttons and everything in between.

Like a boomerang, profits from Abraham-Hicks inspired jewelry fly right back to Abraham-Hicks. We purchase Sara books to donate to children's libraries, as well as downloads, books, cards (you may find a special card chosen just for you with your order), seminars and more.

Believing is Seeing Whale

$88.00 Regular price


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