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Nice by Nature: Bees, Butterflies & Bugs

Nice by Nature! What could be nicer than nature? There's no greater source of inspiration and beauty than Mother Nature herself. A whole lot of what you see at A Nice World is in honor, homage and an attempt to emulate her designs.

Here's a little bit about the Nice bees, butterflies and lightning bugs that have taken flight at A Nice World.


Nice Bee Jewelry
We all know why the world is abuzz with the news of bees and how we can restore and uplift these precious little pollinators. The sweet little Nice Bee was sculpted in precious metal clay. It was originally molded from my vintage perfume bottle shaped like a beehive which I've had since I was a child.



Butterfly of Transformation Ring
Celebrate personal transformation with the Nice Butterfly Ring. Created in precious metal clay and later cast in sterling silver, this wide wrap-around band bears the Monarch butterfly wing pattern. Let your Nice Butterfly band be a reminder that we’re in a never-ending state of becoming.



Lightning Bug Pendants
Let your inner light shine and guide the way. Lightning Bugs, also known as Fireflies, have played a crucial role in who I am today. These shiny little creatures are in honor of the light that shines in all of us, which connects us to one another across space and time. Watch for an expanded blog post soon, explaining why a "loving lie" told by my Dad, places lightning bugs so dearly in my heart. 

Nice by Nature Non-Profit Fundraising
Organizations are welcome to purchase quantities at cost for use as donor gifts, member incentives, or to sell at any price desired to raise funds and support your mission, which I so appreciate.

When purchasing in fundraiser quantity, Bees and Lightning Bugs are also available in golden bronze, making the cost-point incredibly low for raising funds fast and with ease. I love it when nonprofits and pollinators leverage the opportunity to resell to uplift their important cause. 

Nice by Nature Individual Purchases
At least 33% (and up to 100% of profit when you mention Southern AZ Beekeepers with your purchase in 2023) of every purchase is donated to organizations making the world more sustainable and nice for for pollinators.





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