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Law of Attraction Inspired Jewelry

Law of Attraction Jewelry

Jewelry Reflecting the Law of Attraction

Understanding and appreciating the Law of Attraction (LOA) changed my life. The messages resonate, feel right, and work for me. So much so, I started making jewelry based on the insights I gained from learning more about the Law of Attraction.

The A Nice World boomerang, my personal lucky charm, was the original Nice LOA jewelry design. The boomerang perfectly symbolizes the idea that, "Everything we put out to the universe is coming right back."

The collection of LOA jewelry designs quickly expanded. 

The next spark of inspiration came while listening to an Abraham Hicks seminar online while sculpting jewelry in wax. During the recording, the quote "Joy is the Key" struck me as an incredible idea for a jewelry design. From there, the Joy Key was born.

A similar experience brought to life the Castle Button. Abraham says its as easy to create a castle as a button. I decided to take it one step further and create a darling little button that is in fact a castle. 

Do What You Do for the Fun of Doing It

That's a basic principle of the LOA and it perfectly describes jewelry making. Its been immensely fun to create these designs. The best part is how people really love them. It's extremely satisfying to see the reactions and their eyes light up when they realize the key says JOY and the teeth of the key are a secret "AH" for Abraham Hicks, hidden in the design.

Every time I see a photo of someone wearing a Joy Key or Castle Button online, or meet them in person at seminars and cruises, it's real thrill to feel the mutual connection and shared appreciation. 

The A Nice World LOA Jewelry Collection

The current collection encompasses variety of designs serving as touchstones and focus objects and I'm always considering more to add.

  • Joy Keys and Castle Buttons are inspired by the Abraham Hicks quotes, "Joy is the key," and "It's as easy to create a castle as a button." 
  • Silver Spiral earrings are evocative of spinning vortices.
  • "Believing is Seeing" whale watching pendants have secret letters "LOA" hidden in the gills. These were fun gifts on an Alaskan voyage.
  • Boomerang charms are the ultimate reminder that what we give, always comes back.
  • Infinity symbols on bracelets and necklaces, remind us of our never-ending nature, of infinite wisdom and infinite appreciation.
  • Mobius Circle rings celebrate unending love and forever friendship.

Proceeds from Abraham-inspired designs are used to purchase copies of Abraham Hicks Sara books. I buy the books by the case to donate to children's libraries. Inside every book, I hide an inscription chosen by the person who purchased the jewelry. It's such a fun way to spread these uplifting messages. Beneficiaries of the other LOA jewelry designs are dependent upon the direction and preference of the buyer. 

To sum it up, Law of Attraction jewelry is just a delight to make, give and wear. LOA designs make powerful personal amulets and fantastic gifts as touchstones. They are shining reminders that we can have, be do or create anything we desire. 



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