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The Boomerang Effect

Boomerang Keychain

Let the Boomerangs Fly

Just like a boomerang, everything we send out to the universe is coming right back. Nice boomerangs are tiny little charms carrying this great big message. 

That's why I chose a boomerang as the symbol of A Nice World. It's also why they make such a great jewelry design, whether you're wearing one as a reminder to yourself, or giving one as a gift of thanks and appreciation.

I'm a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and boomerangs capture its essence so beautifully: What we give, we receive. It's a tangible reminder that life mirrors a boomerang's trajectory: our intentions and actions come full circle.

Essence of Giving

Like all philanthropic jewelry at A Nice World, every boomerang purchased generates a donation to a great cause. This second wave of kindness creates yet another meaningful layer to the story of giving and receiving Nice boomerangs.

With each boomerang charm shared, the joy of giving amplifies the essence of abundance and positivity, creating a continuous cycle of inspiration and kindness. 

Boomerang Gifts Make Life - and Travel - Even More Nice

Boomerang charms say it all, without a word. Whether you're giving one to a kind lady in the grocery check-out line or handing it in appreciation to your Felucca boat captain the heart of Cairo... boomerang charms say, "Thank you for your kindness. It will come back to you."  



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