• Winter Solstice 2020: Circle of Stars

    Align and Celebrate the Winter Solstice We’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn on this 2020 Solstice to re-launch a Nice design that has been in retrograde (a little celestial humor) for over a decade.  The Circle of Stars band was originally sculpted in silver clay in the late …

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  • Black-Lives-Matter-BLM-gold-silver-bronze

    Black Lives Matter Jewelry: 100% Profit Donated to BLM

    BLM Power Pendant The Nice Black Lives Matter BLM jewelry design was sculpted on Juneteenth, June 19th 2020. This power pendant supports racial justice and positive change. Of course, 100% of profit from every purchase benefits Black Lives Matter / BLM. We welcome you to click for a closer look at our Black Lives Matter …

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  • Braille Jewelry

    Braille Jewelry: Help Prevent Blindness & Braille Institute

    Braille Jewelry Spreads LIGHT Braille Jewelry was an early favorite at A Nice World, along with Morse Code designs in the late 1990s. Because Braille was a fun way to express a love for secret messages and hidden meanings in jewelry, and it helped me uplift a great cause. These designs spread light, literally and …

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  • Instagram

    Nice Instagram: Connect, Collaborate & Celebrate

    Visit A Nice World on Instagram  for a glimpse of our latest designs. Learn about our long-term and new nonprofit partners. For a look at our jewelry designs focused on the Law of Attraction (LOA) visit our sister page LOA_Jewelry.  We even have a page to journal synchronicities at Nice_Synchronicity just for the fun of …

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  • Joy Key Heart Chain

    Joy is the KEY: Unlock the Power of Law of Attraction

    Joy is the Key! If you know about Abraham-Hicks, then you already know that JOY is the KEY. And on top of that, I bet you’ll spot the secret message hidden in the key that unlocks the door. If you’re new to or curious about the Law of Attraction aka LOA, see what the fun …

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  • Rise Up the Emotional Scale

    Rise Up the Emotional Scale with LOA With Law of Attraction (LOA), joy is the KEY and appreciation is the answer. So this holiday season I offer this gift of thanks and appreciation. I hope you enjoy this stop motion video. Because it is inspired by Abraham Hicks, it uses the Law of Attraction (LOA) …

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  • Mission Garden

    Mission Garden: Membership and Donor Gifts

    I took one look at the artful, organic image of the Mission Garden logo and I was in love. Besides having a great logo, this is an incredible organization. I knew that the parent organization “Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace” would be our  newest design and next nonprofit partner. The first Nice Dozen were gifted to …

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  • Law of Attraction Jewelry

    Law of Attraction jewelry is a shiny reminder that we can be, do or have anything we desire. Inspired by Abraham Hicks, our Law of Attraction (LOA) designs focus on Abraham truisms such as Joy is the KEY.  We also love to celebrate the fact that it is as easy to create a castles as a …

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  • Rialto Theatre

    The Rialto Theatre

    Music tames the savage beast. It also connects and inspires people.  I love the The Rialto Theatre and I’m proud to have been involved with The Rialto Theatre since the late 1990s, offering a bit of time, talent and elbow grease for this iconic theatre. When their 100th birthday grew near, I jumped at the …

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